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Business Seller Toolbox A complete set of online tools for selling your business, including valuation, marketing material creation, prospect tracking, and more. From the authors of this site.


Many people can handle the process of selling their business successfully on their own. Before calling us, we suggest that you read the sections of our book about whether you need a broker. If youve determined that some assistance would be helpful, please don't hesitate to Contact us or you may look at some of our packages and pricing.

When you need help, we can provide it. You will get a professional business broker, who has an MBA, years of experience running businesses, and a track record of success.

We can help you with the following:

  • Business Valuation
  • Enhancing Company Value [package]
  • A Professionally Crafted Business Overview [package]
  • A complete marketing campaign
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Letter writing
    • Printing, addressing and mailing
    • Screening responses
  • Evaluating Offers
  • Arranging Financing for a deal
  • Negotiation
  • Finding an Attorney with experience in buying and selling businesses
  • Finding a Business Broker

We can provide just a few hours of help, take your listing on as a traditional business brokerage listing, or help you find an appropriate broker for your business if it is not for us. Call us at 401 751 0120 or e-mail usnow.