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Selling Your Business Yourself

As business brokers, we turn away many of the prospective sellers that come to us. It's not that we could not sell their businesses, but for one reason or another we have more promising businesses to sell. Once we agree to sell a business we have made a serious commitment that is important to both us and to the seller. Selling a business is time-consuming, and potentially lucrative for both the seller and the broker. Since we work almost exclusively on a commission only basis, we are taking a big risk when we accept a listing. We don't take the commitment lightly, so we enter into it with few.

Until now ther have been few resources to guide a business owner through the process of selling a business independently. There have been books, some of which we wrote, but books are limited in what they can do. So, we have assembled a website that combines the best advice and a set of on-line tools to help business owners value and sell their business.

Our Book

This site is based on a book that we published. Our new book can be purchased as a paperback, for the Kindle or read online. You can start at the introduction and read through the entire book, or you can just go to the sections that you want, using the search or the sitemap.

Other Books

We have also put portions of our book Strategic Acquisitions: A Smarter Way to Grow a Small or Medium Size Company online at

The Tools

We have created a series of tools, including a calculator to calculate the value of your business and set an asking price, (or a more more robust tool to give detailed detailed valuation reports for sophisticated owners and financial professionals spreadsheets to keep track of prospects, templates for a one page summary of your business and a complete prospectus, a compilation of useful links to other websites, and checklists to guide you through every step of the process.

Our Services

You may decide that selling the business on your own is more than you want to do. If so, we stand ready to help. For most users of this site, we expect that a few hours of consulting is all that they will need. If you want to find a reputable business broker, we will consider taking your listing OR we will help you find a reputable business broker.